Size OD(mm):21.3-355.6
Length:5.8-12m or customized length
Standard ASTM A53
Steel material Gr A,Gr B
Company Information Name:DongPengBoDa Steel Pipe Group
Type:Manufacturer and Trading Company
ASTM A53 pipe is intended for mechanical and pressure applications and is also acceptable for ordinary uses in steam, water, gas and air lines

Chemical properties

1.our company has a professional factory with many years in the field of steel pipe. So our price is competitive. Moreover, we have always been giving first priority to foreign trade orders. This inherent advantage guarantees the timely and quickly delivery. Normally, we can fulfill the purchase contact between us in 2 or 3 weeks of working hours. It is not sufficient to say that our delivery time is of prompt, the product quality can be also labeled as first-class level with time-honored reputations home and abroad. So your order can be complemented not only in quick time but also in premium quality.

2.Our products all have pretty physical appearance with smooth outside welding. Compared with some other suppliers, we use a flat knife for scraping the weld line. Besides, the visual weld geometry size is in line with the actual requirements of different applications. On the other hand, tube shape mutation is easy to cause stress concentration. If the excess part of the welding is polished off in the pipe production process, this will somewhat eliminate part of the stress concentration. In addition, our workers are all skilled in the post treatment of pipes, who all have excellent professional experience for many years.

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