Dimensions of steel tubes: medium
Nominal size of thread (DN) Designation of thread Outside diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Mass of black tube (kg/m)
max  min Plain end  Screwed and socketed
8  1/4 13.9 13.3 2.3 0.641 0.645
10  3/8 17.4 16.8 2.3 0.839 0.845
15  1/2 21.1 21.1 2.6 1.21 1.22
20  3/4 27.2 26.6 2.6 1.56 1.57
25  1    34.2 33.4 3.2 2.41 2.43
32 1 1/4 42.9 42.1 3.2 3.1 3.13
40 1 1/2 48.8 48.0 3.2 3.57 3.61
50  2    60.8 59.8 3.6 5.03 5.10
65 2 1/2 76.6 75.4 3.6 6.43 6.55
80  3    89.5 88.1 4.0 8.37 8.54
100  4    114.9 113.3 4.5 12.2 12.5
125  5 140.6 138.7 5.0 16.6 17.1
150 6 166.1 164.1 5.0 19.7 20.3

Length:4m-7m or customer request

Surface treatment:Black


Place of Origin:Tianjin,China

Delievry time:Shipped in 30 days after payment or depending on the QTY. 

Transport Package:Packed by Steel Strips

Application: Petroleum, power, gas metallurgy, papermaking, chemical, medical equipmemnt, aviation, boiler heat, exchanger shipbuilding, construction, etc.

Chemical Requirements and mechanical properties of BS1387 Class b Welded Plain End Steel Pipe

Chemical Composition(ladle) Mechanical Properties at room temperature
C (max) Mn (max) P (max) S (max) Tensile strength,Rm Yield strength,Re(min) Elongation on gauge length  Lo=5.65√SoA(min)
0.20% 1.20% 0.05% 0.05% 320 to 460 N/mm2 195 N/mm2 20%

About us

     DongPengBoDa Steel Pipe Group is founded in 2006.Group is located in the country's largest welded pipe production base - Tianjin Daqiuzhuang and strategic location.It has five subsidiary companies: Tianjin Tianfeng Steel Pipe Co., Ltd; Tianjin Tianwang Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd; Tianjin FWS Trading Co., Ltd; Dongpengboda (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd; FIVE STEEL (TIANJIN) TECH CO., LTD.We specialize in the production of galvanized pipe, hot dip galvanized round steel pipe,galvanized metal threading tube, hollow square section, hot-rolled tube, and other models specifications steel pipe,a total of 17 steel pipe production line,in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard production.Can be customized GB, American Standard, British standard,the European standard,the Australian standard and the Japanese standard,and exported to North America,South America,Europe,the Middle East and other countries and regions.The annual output of 1.4 million tons,widely used in various types of construction,electricalcircuits,bridges and other fields.

     Dongpengboda Steel Pipe Group will be "quality first, users first" for the purpose of advanced technology and equipment and strict management, to provide you with quality products and sincere service. Welcome friends to visit our factory!

DongPengBoDa Group has a variety of steel pipe production lines:
① 12 galvanized steel pipe production lines;
② 6 hot-rolled pipe production lines.
Welcome OEM and ODM order

1.As a rule, foreign customers tend to distinguish the wall thickness of pipe as per different color coating in both ends of pipe. We have two major kinds of pipe body color treatment in foreign pipe market. One is to brush different colors to make a distinction between various wall thickness of pipe. This color treatment applies to both the black steel pipe and the pre galvanized pipe. And the other is to brush a color ribbon in both ends of pipe. This treatment is usually applied to pre galvanized pipe. Before dispatch from the manufacturer’s warehouse, all tubes and pipes shall be marked with the appropriate colors. Take BS1387 pipe for an example:
① Light tubes: brown
②Medium tubes: blue
③ Heavy tubes: red

2.we can offer a variety of packing forms for you to choose such as oiled in bundles, oiled and wrapped with PVC, wrapped with PVC in bundles, painted in bundles, as well as painted with PVC wrapped in bundles. Of course, our packing method is not fixed and it can be in strict accordance with the request of our customers. For example, some customers may pay more attention to the details of steel pipe like pipe end. They require that the pipe end should be wrapped with steel strip and blocked by wood strip. Besides, steel conduit need to be wrapped in a small bundle with PVC plastic. In addition, some customers are not particular about the packing form, steel pipes can be covered just in plastic bags.


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